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Why am I doing this?

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Hey everyone, it’s Fernando here! I just figured to give everyone a little bit of insight on my inner process. Maybe also help myself justify this effort a little bit by penning it down onto digital page. This is a little exploration as to why I set out to help people practice languages.

Why Kansei?

I created Kansei not just as another tool, but as a solution to a personal challenge I faced. I struggled finding reliable partners to practice languages with. Even when I do find the opportunity to chat with folks, I still experience that anxiety about talk to them. I found myself stammering my words because I didn’t have the confidence that comes from frequent use of language. That anxiety is just not there when I talk to an AI companion. It is letting me build familiarity and comfort in the use of a language before I meet someone to chat in person again.

So, in that fashion, Kansei is so much more than just a project for me. It’s a labor of love and something where I am the primary audience. It embodies the very spirit of connecting deeply with a language. It’s not just about getting the words right or understanding the grammar. It’s about the emotion you convey as you speak, the rhythm of the words as you form a natural cadence, and the way that a language carries meanings and stories.

For me, this indie endeavor was born out of that desire to merge the technological prowess of AI with the heart and soul of human connections. To make my journey to learn languages one that feels more alive on the day to day, rather than cold and academic. With Kansei, I want to offer you not just a tool but a companion in your language journey, one that understands, resonates, and hopefully also one that grows with you.

For last

Thank you for being a part of this journey with me. Every interaction, feedback, and donation fuels the passion and innovation that drives Kansei. Here’s to more conversations, deeper connections, and truly feeling the languages we love! 🌍❤️

Keep talking, keep practicing!

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