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About Kansei

Fernando Tucci


Fernando Tucci

Hey there! I’m Fernando, the guy behind Kansei. If you’re here, chances are you’re a bit like me – someone who loves languages but hasn’t always found the easiest path to learning them. Kansei isn’t just another project for me; it’s a piece of my heart, born from my own struggles and dreams.

My academic background led me naturally into the space of tech and education. I received a BSc (Honours) in Psychology, IT and Computing, and an MA in eLearning Design and Development, and I’ve always been fascinated by how we learn. I have published whitepapers and had the great honour of receiving the award for best research in the Irish Game-Based Learning (IGBL) conference in 2019. It’s this mix of tech experience and a deep understanding of educational pedagogy that I poured into creating Kansei.

If you are curious about who I am, I am a Latino born in Venezuela from Italian and Colombian parents. I had the fortune of experience life in Venezuela, Colombia, Italy, the US, Ireland, and Canada. My life’s been a bit of a global tour, teaching cybersecurity to folks in every corner of the world and soaking up every bit of culture I could find along the way. For a while, traveling was most of my professional life. It was exhausting, but extremely rewarding!

Growing up among diverse cultures, I realized early on the power of language. It’s more than just words; it’s the key to connecting to cultures and experiences in a way that cannot be mirrored without. But, like many of you, I hit roadblocks – finding partners to practice with was tough, and let’s not talk about the anxiety and fear of making a fool out of myself every time I tried speaking a new language. I’ve always hated making mistakes publicly, and clumsily trying to speak a language that I am still struggling with always hit that uncomfortable spot.

Why Kansei?

That’s where Kansei comes into play. It’s not just another app for me; it’s the coming together of my life’s work and experiences. Kansei embodies everything I believe language learning should be – personal, immersive, and, most importantly, something that connects deeply with the emotional aspect of speaking another tongue.

With Kansei, I wanted to create a space where anyone, anywhere, could practice a new language without the anxiety. A place that felt like chatting with an old friend, where mistakes are just stepping stones to fluency. It’s designed to be your companion, guiding you through the nuances of conversation, just like a friend would.

Creating Kansei is about solving a problem I faced head-on. I wanted something more personal, something that felt like talking to a friend, not just another tool. With Kansei, I wanted to bring the heart and soul into language learning. It’s not just about nailing grammar or vocab; it’s about how you feel and connect when you speak another language.

Why Should You Care?

Because, if you’ve ever felt tongue-tied or anxious about speaking a new language, Kansei is for you. We’ve got:

  • Chat Your Way: Voice or text, listen or read – you pick.
  • Help On Hand: Stuck on a word? We translate it.
  • Feedback That Matters: Instant tips to get better as you go.
  • Real Talk: Practice scenarios that feel like the real deal.
  • Your New BFF: Kansei’s more than a tool; it’s your buddy in this journey.

Join Me and Kansei

If my story resonates with you, if you’ve ever felt the thrill of understanding a sentence in a new language, or the frustration of not finding the right words, Kansei is for you. It’s the sum of my life’s journey, my multicultural background, and my passion for tech and education, all wrapped up in a platform that champions the joy of learning.

Let’s embark on this journey together. With Kansei, language learning is not just about memorizing words; it’s about building bridges, understanding cultures, and making this big world a little smaller, one conversation at a time.

Long story short, I was tired of the hunt for practice partners and the jitters that came with speaking a new language. I mean, talking to real folks can be great, but also super nerve-wracking, right? That’s where Kansei comes in. It’s this cozy app where you can chat away in different languages without sweating about mistakes. It’s all about getting comfy with speaking – no judgement, just help.