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Getting to Know Kansei’s Credit System for Language Learning

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As you start your language learning journey, we’re here to make it both effective and affordable. Our credit system is designed to keep costs lower than traditional tutoring and other AI services. This allows learners worldwide to access high-quality language education without spending too much. Here’s how you can use our credits to get the most out of your learning experience.

How Credits Work

In Kansei, you use credits for conversations with our AI companions. Each message you send or receive usually costs about 1 credit. This new system charges you only for what you use, making it cheaper for everyone. You can see your credit usage directly in the chat app, helping you manage your learning budget easily.

Why do we Charge per Message?

Each interaction with our AI companions incurs a cost to us due to the technology we use. By using credits, we can cover these costs and continue to offer high-quality, interactive language learning. We’ve worked hard to keep these costs low, especially compared to similar services. This credit system helps us maintain and improve our service for everyone.

Special Use of Credits

If you need suggestions on what to say next during your chat, on average, 1 credit gives you 3 suggestions. This feature helps you keep the conversation going, making learning continuous and fun.

Special Considerations with Mirai

Using Mirai, our advanced AI companion, costs about 2 credits per interaction in average. Mirai is great for answering complex grammar questions, offering highly accurate responses. This is because she uses a more advanced model for in-depth and precise grammar explanations. To keep your learning focused, reset the conversation when switching topics with Mirai to ensure relevant answers.

Credit Rollover and Savings Options

Our credit system is flexible. Unused credits roll over to the next month and never expire, so you get full value from your purchase. For extra savings, consider our monthly credit packages, which offer discounts compared to pay-as-you-go. We have options to suit every learner’s needs.

Start your language learning journey with Kansei, where every conversation is a step closer to fluency. With our flexible credit system, you can tailor your experience to match your pace and preferences. Happy learning!

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